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Poly-Pro Twill, by Webster Fabric, is the preferred lettering Twill for Professional Baseball, Basketball, Football and College teams.  Webster Fabric weaves Poly-Pro Twill and it is the sports garment industry's proven standard of excellence for collegiate and amateur teams.

  • A smooth, high-gloss tight weave provides abrasion resistance and resists unraveling.

  • Guaranteed Shrink-Free.

  • 9 oz. per square yard provides superior fabric strength and maximum opacity

  • Multiple adhesive coatings prevent unraveling when cutting.

  • Heat-Seal coatings lubricate the sewing needle, preventing stitch skipping and thread breakage.

  • Adhesion holds tight over a wide range of application temperatures - from 290F to 330F.

  • Meets the requirements of Flammable Fabrics Act, Public Law 8 Section 4 (a).

  • Twill is washed fast and has color continuity from dye lot to dye lot.

  • Poly-Pro Twill is the lettering material choice for major clothing manufactures and equipment managers of all sports.

  • Lettering is easily removed.

  • Available with a heat press on backing, pressure sensitive backing or (plain) uncoated.

  • The pressure sensitive Poly-Pro Twill comes with a heavy paper liner that allows the twill to be Cad Cut.

  • Anti-Fray Coating helps prevent unraveling.

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